Ledger index: 89461199
Ledger date: 2024-07-19 02:15:00 UTC
Total XRP: 99,987,394,586.755005
XRP not in escrow: 60,678,872,874.308998
Current XRP price in USD: ...
Number of XRP wallets: 5,247,961
for Andy
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Visit our validator to see the server statistics.
I just finished the automating the update process.
All stats and wallet balances should update once every 12 hours. Rich-List.Info
This validator is currently running in my garage. XRP price is pulled from the ledger in real time.

Here we spotlight XRP community members that are contributing in unique ways.

Check out Dani Torres Fine Art. She has some amazing XRP themed art.
Dani Torres Fine Art

Flat right click and save NFT's got you down? Check out Junkies NFTs on the XRPL and the Junkieverse. XRPL Metaverse live interaction.
The FIRST P2E NFT game on the XRPL

This is so cool. If you are an XRP enthusiist, this is a 'must' own. Check out the other XRP stuff they have too.
The TI Project - XRP - Medallion